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Internet services with payment in part of the company’s profit or company shares, which are available to all companies in the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC as well as your company’s listing on the Nasdaq First North (The Nasdaq Small Business Unit, which is where small businesses begin their journey to enter the main Nasdaq market) or NYSE (The largest stock exchange in the world, also inviting small companies from all over the world for placement)!

I am Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin student of WordPress and Google training centers! I am looking for ways to create the most effective sites on the most popular CMS in the world WordPress with clients from the Fortuna 500 list and looking for ways to effectively develop the created sites on the Internet with the most popular advertising platforms on the planet Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager! I believe that by joint efforts we will be able to achieve much more than acting alone, the main thing is to correctly divide the company’s shares so that there is an incentive to work, the salary is equal to the number of shares in circulation and a disgruntled business partner cannot take them away and deprive you of your salary, people do not like to work on other people’s objects from where they can be fired at any time! If you are still a very small business and are not able to find about 32.9-95.9 thousand euros to list your company’s shares on the stock exchange, I suggest creating your website in my WordPress account or concluding an agreement with you on Upwork (the largest American freelance exchange) with an hourly, but not project wages, you need to constantly work on sites and their advertising so that the business develops and remains competitive!

In more detail about the list of services I provide, my skills, I have not passed all the exams in the training centers of Google, WordPress (in addition, new ones appear all the time), and not all technologies and their structure are clear to me.

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Site creation

It is on them that the largest transactions take place, it is on them that the most qualified specialists with high skills are sought, it is they who allow us to carefully select people with whom we will work from a huge mass! Therefore, it is extremely important to host the site on the world’s largest CMS platform with the highest Alexa rating and carefully work on its development so that it is recognized by professional employees, clients and stock exchanges, the largest holdings of the planet started a business with losses of hundreds and billions of dollars and could not make ends meet if they did business with their own money, and not received from investors from reputable stock exchanges like Nasdaq or NYSE!

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Company advertising

No matter how hard we try, we are unlikely to get site traffic like Google in the coming decades after the launch of the site, and probably never in life, since this requires very talented specialists, in very large numbers (in such companies, usually employs at least 100 thousand people)! Therefore, we will have to look for ways to competently use the advertising services described in this Skillshop Google training center, I take Google since you see from the photo (from research by eMarketer, the world’s largest advertising and marketing magazine from New York) it is he who is the undisputed leader of the advertising market and Google will probably be more than enough for you if you are not a large holding. like Facebook or Apple! Another thing Apple learned to use advertising correctly and gets over $ 65 billion in net profit on $ 300 million spent on advertising, in our case, due to a number of important mistakes (I am not the greatest genius of the 21st century), the advertising profit will not be 2500%. but if we are patient and work hard, and not distract each other from work with reports and conflicts, we will probably be able to make a profit of 400-600% of advertising spending, which is also not bad!

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Analysis of your business

It is thanks to digital analytics that we identify which campaigns, on which models and types of devices, at what time of day, in which countries and cities, shown to people of what gender, age, in which systems, and so on, bring us more money! What kind of traffic we get from social networks, how many people are purposefully looking for our site, how much money referrals bring, what pages of the site people visit, how much time they spend there, what problems they have when working with our site, what we need to change in order to progress! It is thanks to the correct setting of Google Analytics that we can accurately track the number of conversions and, having fulfilled the plan of 100 conversions within 30 days, pay Google not for showing ads or clicking on them, but for the conversions made and save 95% of the advertising budget! You can learn more about the benefits and importance of using Google Analytics from their Google Analytics Academy training center!

How will we cooperate?

Our cooperation will be built 100% remotely, since I have already acquired a network of sites whitewert.com, superuborka.com, woklend.com that require my labor to progress and bring money, your projects always require extremely limited labor in which I specialize ( I work on some of the listed sites for several hours a week or a month) and if I am not a shareholder of your company, then I have no guarantees that you plan to share money with me, and if I am a shareholder of your company, then your business methods may be recognized as unacceptable by me, which complicates our further cooperation! Most likely, we will interact with you exclusively through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp with rare meetings to celebrate major victories, we were able to make the business profitable (only 33% of sites manage to do this), dramatically increase its income or receive a large order for work! Also, if you are a newbie who has recently started a business or trying to move your business to the Internet, I do not recommend that you tune in to quickly generate income, as you can see from the links below. Facebook was able to receive it five years after the launch of the site, and Amazon, seven years after the website launch! But do not be upset by these indicators, because thanks to the competent issue of shares in the SEC and their subsequent placement on stock exchanges, as well as further work with the Nasdaq and NYSE trading platforms, they were able to receive large sums of money from investors in the first years of work for which they acquired offices in prosperous areas of the city and excellent equipment used for work! It is likely that we will be able to do this too if we will learn how to do work without having guarantees that we will get for it in the distant future and take risks. To try to get on the stock exchange, we need to spend a lot of money, especially if we do not get there the first time! But I believe that my experience will be enough to competently develop your, but rather our business (most likely you will receive over 95% of your clients via the Internet, of which the most valuable will be formed thanks to my work) on the Internet! I am looking forward to chatting on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp +7 909 433-29-96 with you!